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Complementing Your Medical Plan

Complementing your existing medical and surgical plan with comprehensive global protection

Escalating Medical Costs

“I have existing medical coverage from my employer. I do not need another plan on my own etc.”

Is the coverage provided by your employer sufficient to cover all your medical costs in event of an illness? While many may say “Yes”, others who have experienced major surgery will tell you that the cover given by their employer may be insufficient. This is especially true since we are experiencing escalating medical costs. Many patients suffering from illnesses or in need of major surgeries find themselves financially strapped as the hospital bills are more than what they are able to claim from their employer and the bills are still coming.

A Plan Just for You

In Hong Leong Assurance, we believe that while we cannot control the medical and surgical costs required for treatment, we can however manage the additional expenses required in case of emergency. That is why Hong Leong Assurance has developed an insurance plan to assist you to pay the additional medical costs that your own savings, other insurance plans or benefits provided by your employer are insufficient to cover.

HLA Major Medi

We introduce to you HLA Major Medi, a comprehensive Hospital and Surgical Insurance plan that offers you the much needed security and financial resources in the event you require medical treatment or surgical intervention from certain covered conditions. With the privileges of worldwide coverage, hassle free hospital admission and bill settlement, 24 hours customer service as well as affordable premiums, you now have the peace of mind in knowing that your health and wellbeing is taken care of.

Check more details from brochure below, in English and Mandarin.
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