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Do You Really Need A Life Insurance Policy?
  • Yes, if there is someone who would suffer economic hardship if your income generating capacity is lost (death or total permanent disability)
  • Yes, if you have not already have sufficient financial resources to settle all financial obligation (tax, funeral, daily expenses, education, outstanding debts etc) should anything happens to you.
  • Yes, if you love your family enough to prevent the unnecessary financial hardship on top of the emotional hardship.

Type of Life Insurance Policy - Whole Life and Term Life.

Pure Protection on Life - Term Life

  • You pay for Protection ONLY, i.e. can not take back any money.
  • It is a non-participating policy, no investment or saving element, pure protection.
  • Lowest Premium for High Protection.
  • Protection on Death and Total Permanent Disability Only.
  • Example:-
    • Male 34
    • RM150,000 protection on Life for 20 Years.
    • Premium is only RM582 per year for next 20 years.
    • Level Premium i.e. RM582 per year would NOT change for next 20 years.
  • Why buy term life?
    • When you already have Whole Life policy, yet need additional protection with small budget.
    • When you have a new born baby yet doesn't want to commit for a Whole Life policy.

Medical Bill - Medical Card (Health Insurance) Policy
  • Inflation cost for medical bill is the highest amongst all expenses.
  • You may have RM50,000 to settle a medical bill but why not transfer the risk to insurance company?
  • A protection to your asset. Transfer risk to insurance company.
  • Buy a plan to cover potential medical bill from sickness, diseases or accident.
  • It can be a stand-alone plan, a rider (attachment to a Life Insurance Plan) or a rider to a Unit-Linked plan.
  • Normally, it is cheaper comparatively in form of rider to a Unit-Linked plan.

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Kong Hui Chong,
7 Jul 2010, 19:29