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Children's Life Insurance

The primary reason for buying any kind of life insurance is to insure against ultimately death (or lost of income generating capacity). This is not something parents or grandparents wish to think about. However...
  • Funeral and burial expenses and unpaid medical bills can affect the finance of an entire family at a time when grief and stress are already at an extreme level.
  • Sibling life goes on.... the family's financial must be protected.
  • Giving your child a life insurance policy is to give them a financial foundation that they can draw upon when they are older.
  • Whole life insurance accumulating cash value over time. It is a financial asset that the grown child can borrow against or use as collateral, the money borrowed is not subject to income tax, whether or not the loan amount is repaid.
  • It is the lowest cost for life insurance you can buy as the rates rise with age.
  • You may attach a rider for medical and health coverage.

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